The Burberry gets it!

I finally built up enough courage to chop up the old Burberry.  Poor thing didn’t stand a chance, as the evening went on The Bexy (Burberry) Dress requested by Katie started to take shape and then disaster struck.  My faithful old sewing machine died.  A younger model has been ordered and will be here within 2 days.  I’m lost without a sewing machine (so I made a few cards this afternoon).

Anyhoo, the other dress for Olivia has been finished and hand delivered.  It is the cream, pink floral and denim dress to the left of the picture.  The other two are my original dresses made at a Bearpaw craft class.  If you are into crafts then search for them on Facebook and click on the  ‘like’ button.  It is a really great way of learning a new skill & having a day just for you. The tutors are really good & you get homemade cake, tea and wine!

Next project:  Lyla and Eden’s birthday dresses…

…once I’ve finished the Burberry!


Katie’s Clobber turning into Olivia’s outfits

There is much excitement in the house after a visit to Daddy’s work.  A childs opportunity to whiz round on an office chair will never go out of fashion!

I picked up some clothes from the lovely Miss Connelly to transform into dresses for her  niece Olivia.  I couldn’t bring myself to start chopping up the Burberry offering so I attacked the white spotty number with gusto.

2 hours later…

Tonight I WILL be brave and chop that Burberry ‘bad boy’.


Broaching the subject – Bexy Brooches!

I have enjoyed an industrious day making ribbon & button brooches.  Trying to drown out the noise of two small children & eager babysitting grandparents, I locked myself in my Aladdin’s cave aka the utility room and got ‘my brooch on’. 9 brooches and 1 sore thumb later, I am fairly pleased with the results.

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They might not be everyone’s cup of tea, some styles do resemble a ‘best in show’ rosette, however they are quirky and good fun to make.

What am I going to do with 9 brooches???


Rainy Monday – Happy Sewing

It is a wet & wild day in Edinburgh, the rain is lashing down outside but inside I have a stash of exciting projects to look at.  I am making a silk runner for the end of the bed, it is nearly finished. I am hand-sewing the binding onto the edge which is made from curtain remnants bought in my local Shelter charity shop.

The other ‘must-do’ job for today is to finish sewing ‘The Bexy Dress’ labels ready to go onto the dresses.  The dresses I make can be customised.  If you have a favourite old shirt or grannies dress (must be cotton) then you can send it to me and I will incorporate it into the dress.  It can be used to make the band at the bottom of the dress or the ties at the top or a heart stitched onto the front of the dress.  Even an entire dress, if there a complete metre of cotton.

This dress/top was made using an old skirt of mine.  Bexy looks very cute when she wears it with jeans.

It is a great way to reuse fabric and clothes that you can’t bear to throw out.

However, the most important job of the day is to change the lightbulb in the bathroom, the kids bathed by candle light last night, health & safety hazard!