Well Hello there!

Hello hello

I have been a busy bee, working hard using up nervous energy! I’m having an op next week to have my colostomy bag removed so to take my mind off things I have been doing lots of crafting using a tried and tested technique called denial.

Card making seems to have cropped into my repertoire, it is a fun thing to do and very useful. I always seem to be sending off various cards so I will probably save a fortune.  Eldest sproglette enjoyed ‘helping’ out with the card making and did a special birthday card for his friend Rory. It was SO special that I didn’t take a photo of it (naughty mummy)! Let’s just say, there was a huge amount of glue and a couple of random barcode stickers from a gift tag. Good effort.

I have put a load of Bexy dresses  into Avery Homestore, they are a bit summery but the fabrics are lovely and they do make a nice present which is easy to post.  The Bexy brooches have been selling well and I delivered a new consignment of tartan brooches this morning for the, arrrggh dare I say it… festive season (and trendy Westies).

Ooh and I nearly forgot about the button hearts I made. I don’t have a picture to show but I linked cream coloured buttons through silver wire and then bent the wire into a heart shape & attached a ribbon so they can hang.  It is a bit of an experiment but they look quite cute.

Bye for now.