Well Hello there!

Hello hello

I have been a busy bee, working hard using up nervous energy! I’m having an op next week to have my colostomy bag removed so to take my mind off things I have been doing lots of crafting using a tried and tested technique called denial.

Card making seems to have cropped into my repertoire, it is a fun thing to do and very useful. I always seem to be sending off various cards so I will probably save a fortune.  Eldest sproglette enjoyed ‘helping’ out with the card making and did a special birthday card for his friend Rory. It was SO special that I didn’t take a photo of it (naughty mummy)! Let’s just say, there was a huge amount of glue and a couple of random barcode stickers from a gift tag. Good effort.

I have put a load of Bexy dresses  into Avery Homestore, they are a bit summery but the fabrics are lovely and they do make a nice present which is easy to post.  The Bexy brooches have been selling well and I delivered a new consignment of tartan brooches this morning for the, arrrggh dare I say it… festive season (and trendy Westies).

Ooh and I nearly forgot about the button hearts I made. I don’t have a picture to show but I linked cream coloured buttons through silver wire and then bent the wire into a heart shape & attached a ribbon so they can hang.  It is a bit of an experiment but they look quite cute.

Bye for now.



It’s a dogs life.

The sproglettes have been staying with the aforementioned eager grandparents whilst husband & I went out on the randan last night so I used my rare quiet Saturday to make a few more dresses and brooches. The brooches have been on sale at Avery Homestore in Edinburgh. Jo called me to tell me when the first one had sold, it was the tartan ribbon with green wool button version. A lady had chosen it for her Westie to wear on Christmas day, not quite the customer base I was expecting but I am happy if the Westie is happy!

The Burberry Bexy Dress has now been finished after my new Singer sewing machine arrived. It is so much better than my wee old red banger. I am sure ‘old red’ will enjoy her new home at Avery Homestore in the haberdashery display area.

After a day of creating & nursing a mild red wine head, I decided that my button collection needed to be sorted. I’m not quite sure where to start.

If you are a koumpounophobe then don’t look at the following image!!! Actually, come to think of it, if you were then you probably wouldn’t be looking at my blog anyway. Any suggestions on categories for sorting buttons then please let me know.

Here is an image of the dresses I have finished this weekend. The 2 on the left are ready to go on sale but the top & the Burberry dress have been stored away by Olivia’s Auntie Katie, for Christmas. Very cute having your aunties old clothes turned into outfits. The Bexy dresses are £15.00 each for either ‘off the peg’ or made to order from your own fabric. Please remember if the garment you provide doesn’t have enough cotton, it isn’t a problem. I can add from my collection of fabrics.

Finally, I have finished Lyla’s birthday present. I will make her sisters dress tomorrow. Lyla is 5 years old, her sister Eden is 3 (next Saturday) and Bexy is 1. The dresses fit all of the girls at various lengths. It looks great with jeans, leggings, tights or even bare legs (in Edinburgh, in the summer???)

Happy crafting.