The final countdown to Christmas – feeling more festive than ever.

I am back home safe and sound minus an ileostomy, my surgery was very successful and I am full of vigour & christmas spirit.

My pixie children made a great job decorating the christmas tree but I did struggle with my inner control freak. 8 decs on 1 branch, what’s wrong with that I hear you cry.  I subtly undid the damage after bedtime and can now rest easy that the tree isn’t going to collapse onto said pixie children.

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I haven’t done much in the way of brooches or dresses but my button hearts have been selling out so  I whizzed up a batch the other night.   I did however, have a wee experiment with scraps of cotton and denim, pinked the edges and joined together with a front button and a brooch clasp at the back so we will see if those take off with the same speed that the ribbon brooches did.

This has been a happy divert from writing my christmas cards, which I do enjoy but have an inward fight about the amount of paper, postage etc.  Every year I promise will be my last but I can’t seem to break free from the christmas card chains.  Next year I will venture into the electronic card era…



2 thoughts on “The final countdown to Christmas – feeling more festive than ever.

  1. Love your website. Hope all is well with you, as it is here.
    Merry Christmas to you all.
    Brenda. x

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